A weight-loss plan only works if you stick with it, so the plan you choose needs to fit your preferences, your personality and your lifestyle. Your weight-loss plan should look fairly close to your maintenance plan in terms of nutritional choices and lifestyle changes to help insure a smoother transition vs. “going off the diet” and back into old patterns.

Changes will be more successful when they are gradual and realistic. There should not be a sense of deprivation, but balance and moderation. The goal is to find a way of eating that you enjoy and helps you achieve your goals.

Transformation is about change – change in your relationship with food, change in your diet mentality and change in lifestyle. Transformation is also about choice – taking personal responsibility for your life and not helping to create “lifestyle diseases”.​​

The Glow Approach will help you to personalize and fine-tune your maintenance plan in the following areas:

  • Coping With Life Without Using Food
  • Balance Strategies for Weight Loss and Weight Maintenance

    • Tier Approach
    • Planning and Compensating
    • Plan B
  • Understanding and Preventing Slips and Relapse
  • Managing Your Food and Weight Issues
  • Strategies for Successful Weight Loss Maintenance
  • Rebooting After the Holidays, Vacations or Relapse

“The Lord your God, the Holy one of Israel,
has made you glorious.”  – Isaiah 55:5b