What we put into our body can help, hurt or heal us. Instead of viewing food as just good or bad, we need to begin to look at it as nourishment and fuel for our body. What we eat becomes our blood, our cells, our organs, our brain and impacts not only our physical health, but our mental health as well.

There are many diets out there to help you take the weight off, but do you struggle with keeping it off? Do you not only want to lose weight, but be healthy too? Nutrient dense whole food programs the body to function properly and promote optimal health.

Eat Empowered: Instead of feeling deprived and obsessing about what you can not eat because you are on a diet, focus on what you need to eat to nourish your body and be mindful of how the food makes you feel physically and mentally. Nutritional and lifestyle changes need to be gradual and sustainable and they need to address who you are and what your body needs.

  •    Learn to Eat with Respect for Your Body
  •    Learn to Eat with Body Awareness (How Food Makes You Feel Physically)

The Glow Approach Helps You Discover What Food Plan Works Best for YOU:

Your biopsychosocial uniqueness is key to identifying what you need to achieve success (health goals and/or weight-loss).

At glow, the first step in the process is your Biopsychosocial Assessment which includes but is not limited to your food preferences, food intolerances, lifestyle, personality traits, mental and emotional health, medical conditions and family history.

The second step is to decide on your food and or weight goals. Do you want help with:


Learning to Eat for Your Health and Wellness?
You Need the Glow Health Coaching Program.

Weight-Loss or Weight-Loss Maintenance?
You Need the Glow Health Coaching Program and/or Glow Counseling.

Disordered Eating Patterns or Eating Disorder Issues?
You Need Glow Counseling.

Glow’s Weight Loss Plan

  • Food Choices for Health, Satiety and Satisfaction
  • Balance Strategies (Tier Approach, Planning and Compensating, Plan B)
  • Health Focus vs. Diet Focus (What YourBody Needs vs. Deprivation)
  • Understanding and Managing Food Cravings
  • ​Learning How to Eat “High-Risk” Foods
  • Super Foods “Get the Glow”
  • Learn New Recipes; Create Menus

Reboot Your System

  • Renew (Detox or Cleanse)
  • Restore (Elimination Diet)
  • Rebalance (Clean Eating)

“They will be radiant because of the many gifts the Lord has given them
— the abundant crops of grain, new wine and olive oil.”  – Jeremiah 31:12