Does your internal dialogue promote and protect your health? Your self-talk can make a difference between self-sabotage and weight-loss success. You can take control of your inner voice. The first step to changing your negative voice is to be aware of your automatic thoughts: how you view your food choices, weight and body image and other related issues.

There are common themes to the cognitive distortions (irrational thinking) that are present with “Diet Mentality”. Change occurs when you begin to identify the distortions in thinking and replace them with rational, factual, healing truths.

The Glow Approach helps you identify what negative-thinking patterns need to be challenged including all-or-none thinking, the critic, the ghost, waste or waist, “I deserve it” and “it’s not business as usual”.

You CAN challenge and change your thinking patterns and the underlying core beliefs that influence them. Learn to eat without guilt or shame – it is not a moral issue. You deserve to eat and nourish your body with nutrition.

“How wonderful to be wise, to analyze and interpret things. Wisdom lights up a person’s face! – Ecclesiastes 8:1