Are you ready to change your relationship with food? Are you ready to begin this journey of transformation? Are you ready to find your glow?


Does food control your life? Do you struggle with emotional eating or chronic (yo yo) dieting? Do you want to discover why you can’t lose weight or keep it off?


The glow approach was designed to help you gain insight into what triggers you to eat by exploring the 7 Elements of Transformation:  Holistic Nutrition, Emotional Eating, Physiology, Diet Mentality, Modify Your Environment, Healing Body-Image Dissatisfaction and Sustainable Maintenance; and creating a personalized plan to help you achieve your goals and make lasting changes.

The glow approach is about changing your relationship with food.  It is not a diet that you go on or off of.  It is about developing a healthy relationship with food, which means 1) putting food back in its place – as nutrition (nourishment for your body) and learning what foods “work for you” for health and weight-loss; and 2) identifying what role(s) food plays in your life.  For most emotional eaters, food has become a coping mechanism – a way to manage feelings, avoid issues, or fill a void.

You will learn to navigate the bridge between food and feelings, creating awareness and gaining insight into your emotional eating patterns.  You will be empowered to choose other alternatives to manage those feelings, meet your needs, and find hope and healing with your food and weight issues.  You will learn to appreciate the body you have.  The glow approach will show you how to create balance in how you nourish your body and in your lifestyle, which will help you radiate your inner and outer glow.